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Does Auto Insurance Cover You Or Your Car?

A common question we hear from clients is, "Does my auto insurance cover the drivers listed on the policy or does it only cover my car?" This can be a worry for a lot of people who tend to lend their cars to family or friends not listed on their auto insurance policies. We want to answer this question so the next time you let someone borrow your car, you know all of the risks you are exposing yourself to.

Automobile Insurance

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, your auto insurance follows your car. In other words, if your car is in an accident (no matter who was driving), your insurance provider will be the first to respond. Lets use an example so it is easier for you to understand. If you let your friend borrow your car to pick up groceries and they get into an accident, your insurance company will be responsible for any needed claims. If your friend has their own auto insurance, they can file a claim through their own insurance carrier. However, in most cases, your insurance will be responsible for all the damages.

This is important since your auto insurance premiums will likely increase as a result. This is why we recommend that you think twice before letting any non-listed drivers get behind the wheel of your car.

If you want to learn more about auto insurance, you can click here to access the State of New Jersey's "Everything You Wanted To Know About Auto Insurance."

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