Stay-at-Home Auto Premium Credit Program, will automatically give U.S. personal auto insurance customers a 15% credit on their April and May premiums. It’s our way of supporting our customers, and we hope it helps ease some of the financial burden many are experiencing. More information regarding the Stay At Home Credit:

  • Credits will be applied by May 31st for bills issued between May 1 and May 11

  • Credits will be applied by June 20 for bills issued between May 12 and May 31

  • Credits will be applied by June 30 for bills issued between June 1 and June 10

  • Credits will be applied by July 20 for bills issued between June 11 and June 30

  • Electronic Funds or Credit card – credit will be spread across future installments with May and June deductions

  • Paid in Full – apply to any balance; if no balance then refund will be issued via the last payment method

Billing Relief : We are suspending cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment through June 15, 2020. We will not charge interest, late fees or penalties during this period, providing policyholders extra time to pay their premiums without risking cancellation. (Some states have different dates) -see below

  • We are committed to working with our agents, brokers and customers during these challenging times. For those who are able to make payments, they should do so as they normally would. For Agency Bill accounts where a customer is unable to make payments, please contact us so we can work through this together.

  • New Jersey: For New Jersey customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, Travelers is offering a 90-day (through July 31, 2020) grace period to pay premiums. This grace period will be applied to all installment payments, including renewal down payments. Policies will not be canceled due to nonpayment, late fees will not be charged and late payments will not be reported to credit agencies during this time. In addition, late payments will not be considered in any future premium calculation. Premiums due during the grace period may be paid over the remainder of the current policy term or a 12-month span, whichever time frame is longer.

  • New York We are providing billing relief for individuals and small businesses who can demonstrate financial hardship due to COVID-19. We are suspending cancellation, conditional renewal and nonrenewal of policies due to nonpayment through May 28, 2020. During this time period, we will not charge interest, late fees or penalties and will not report late or nonpayment’s to credit agencies. Premium payments due during this time period may be paid in 12 monthly installments once the hardship period ends.

Understanding which customers are accepting Billing Relief:

  • You can view billing information by using Billing Notices link on For Agents site; the billing notices will list all customers with outstanding notices of cancellations and cancelling soon.

  • You may use the link to export the list in Excel, or you may click into each client and review their detail .

  • Lists are published daily, giving you access to earlier reports.

To access Billing Notices:

  • From For Agents: tool bar/ menu: Select Bill & Policy Services; Scroll down to Billing Notices to access the reports: OR

  • From For Agents: tool bar/menu: Select Agency Reports /Customer Activity Billing Notices

In honor of the Memorial Day Holiday our normal business operations will be closing at 2:00 on Friday 5/22 and re-opening on Tuesday 5/26. In response to the current COVID-19 Virus, our office buildings are currently closed. Our employees are working remotely and are available to help you.  You can call us @877-999-1886. Click here for our employee directory.