"We collectively serve on many boards together, and their philosophy of giving back to the community is similar to our own corporate culture. "

"The amount of work that they do for us is second to none. They are not only our broker, but are really a true committed partner and trusted advisor."

   "I feel it truly is a blessing that Andrew came to our repair firm.  I can't say enough good about both of you.


Thank you for being so efficient and always resolving the issues in a timely manner!"

"I base all of my relationships on trust, and I can honestly say I trust Nottingham Insurance implicitly to provide Sharbell with exceptional insurance guidance."

   "I just want to say you have a great guy working for you there, he provided the best insurance service to me that I have ever experienced. So much so that I decided to open another policy through your brokerage. It’s hard to find people that do good work nowadays in their job, but Andrew is certainly on top of his game!"