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What Are Some Common Insurance Myths?

In industry of insurance, there have been some myths that have begun to circulate among the public. Some are funny and some could be damaging. We are here to help clear the air! Here are the top 3 myths that we hear:

Red cars pay more in auto insurance. FALSE

Research shows that your vehicle's hue has no effect on the probability of traffic stops or accidents, which is all the insurance companies care about. Insurers have no infrastructure to rate automobiles based on their color.

I do not need life insurance because I am single. FALSE

If you do not have a spouse or dependents, life insurance benefits are still extremely important. If you die, your debts will be passed off to your loved ones. Your death benefit will help them pay off your debt and protect them from any burdensome expenses.

If my home is flooded, my homeowners policy will cover it. FALSE

Homeowners policies cover a lot of events, but they also have many common exclusions. One of these exclusions is flooding. Flood insurance can be purchased and attached to a homeowners policy as an endorsement. All flood insurance is offered through the government-run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


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