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Homeowners Insurance 

When you think of being a homeowner, do you think of one residence that houses your family and most of your possessions? Or do you think of multiple dwellings, including a primary residence as well as property used for vacations, work travel, or a young-adult child? No matter what your real estate portfolio looks like, Nottingham Insurance has appropriate property insurance for you.

We offer homeowners insurance from Hamilton, NJ to Yardley, PA and in all the surrounding communities. Our policies can be basic, with property and liability coverage for damaging events, such as windstorm, fire, theft, vandalism or injury, or they can be more complex, taking into account high-end collections, such as art, silver, wine, jewelry and more. If your risks of injury to visitors are elevated because of a pool, trampoline, or a certain breed of dog, we can find a policy for you.

We can also enhance your protection with flood insurance, earthquake insurance or umbrella insurance which expands coverage beyond the limits of your underlying policies. Our liability policies can cover legal defense if you or your family should be brought into a lawsuit alleging that you’re responsible for injuries or property damage to others, and we offer enhancements suited to homes that employ domestic help or have special insurance needs.

Auto Insurance 


Auto insurance should be more than just an agreement for payment if your car is damaged. It should be a contractual relationship for protection—coverage for your vehicles, your passengers, and your liability for damage or injury. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it should be complete.

At Nottingham Insurance, we consider all your risks—whether that includes high-end sports cars or a minivan full of your children’s teammates. We even have programs for clients who use the services of in-home childcare, such as a nanny or au pair. Our personal auto insurance policies are highly adaptable to your particular circumstances

We offer a complete line of auto coverage, including collision insurance, which covers damage to your car if you cause an accident; comprehensive insurance, which responds when something beyond your control hits your vehicle, such as a tree or road debris; coverage for your passengers; and underinsured and uninsured motorist insurance that pays for damage and injury caused by a driver with too little or no insurance. We, of course, offer state-mandated liability insurance that covers costs you are responsible for, and we go beyond, providing you options to increase your auto liability protection through increased limits or even umbrella insurance. For car insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, look to Nottingham as your advocate and partner. Let our Best Practices Agency pave the way to better auto insurance for you.