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Diamond Shield Wellness 401K Solutions
  • Employees have diverse needs and should have broad-ranging options to build a portfolio of benefits that meets the needs of your multi-generational workforce.

  • Providing meaningful choice helps employers meet the needs of their diverse workforce.

  • While some medical plans look different on the surface, they may ultimately not differ enough to offer you and your employees' true choice.

  • Just offering multiple health plans is not enough.

  • Most brokers do not provide the due diligence and in-depth consulting to help employers better understand the actuarial value of the health plan choices.

  • We have the same insurance markets as other insurance brokers use so we can also obtain the best rates for your health insurance renewals.

  • But Above the Iceberg is not where we see our greatest ability to reduce your total cost of benefits. 

  • It is Below the Iceberg, where we focus on the risk factors of your employees that will ultimately reduce your total cost of benefits. These risk factors are at the core of your employees overall health. By focusing on reducing those risk factors, we reduce the chances of disease. This is how health care costs are truely diminished. 

Let us help you flip the pyramid and put Prevention at the top

  • We provide Active Management of your benefit plans, much like your risk management or 401K plan.

  • We provide Meaningful Choice that allows employers to right-size their benefits' offerings and customize a benefits' portfolio to meet the multi-generational needs of the workforce.

  • We provide Administrative Simplicity that allows you to have more time to devote to other tasks, such as growing your business.

  • Combining our Benefits Risk Management strategies into your overall risk management process creates efficiencies in your workflow.

Let us take you through our powerful process