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How a Cyber Claim can happen to YOU!

There are several types of events that could result in a cyber claim!

  • Unintended disclosure

    • Sensitive information, intended to be posted on a secure website, are posted publicly.

    • Confidential information is mishandled or sent to the wrong party via email, fax, or mail.

  • Hacking or malware

    • Electronic entry by an outside party

    • Malware/spyware is installed either directly by a hacker or when a user clicks on an infected file or link within an email.

  • Payment Card Fraud - Fraud involving debit and credit cards that is not accomplished via hacking. For example, skimming devices at point-of-sale terminals.

  • Insider – an employee or contractor, with authorized access, who:

    • acts in an unauthorized manner and uses the confidential information for non-business purposes, or

    • intentionally causes harm to the insured’s computer systems.

  • Physical loss - Lost, discarded or stolen non-electronic records (i.e. paper documents).

  • Portable device - Lost, discarded or stolen portable device, such as a laptop, smartphone, flash drive, CD, backup tape, etc.

  • Stationary device - Lost, discarded or stolen stationary electronic device, such as a desktop computer.

Contrary to popular belief, Hackers are the source of only 23% of claims. Over 60% of Cyber Claims result from Employees/Internal Sources

Five Risk Management Procedures

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There are many other risk management options that apply. Let us provide you a free Cyber Security Risk Management Audit to help you determine where your potential weak spots are and then help you apply some Cyber risk management techniques to strengthen your Cyber Security program.


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Cyber Insurance

As important as risk management is to protecting your business against a Cyber Event, it is equally important to have the right Cyber Liability Insurance. To learn more, click on each coverage below to see how it would protect you.

 First Party Liability

Third Party Liability