The Four Stakeholders

  • Employees

  • Customers

  • Valued Partnerships

  • The Community

"Stakeholders are those who have a vested interest in the success of Nottingham Insurance and without whose support, we would not exist"

Employee Centric - The value of an engaged and effective company culture cannot be overstated. Having a distinct workplace culture is crucial to business success. How we treat our employees and the environment they work in day-to-day is reflected in their work and their interactions with our customers. We view our role as an opportunity to serve our employees by helping them grow and learn while providing the support they need.


Customer Obsessed - How do we create an effortless customer experience across all parts of our business while empowering the entire organization to be customer-obsessed? Empowered employees are the key to successful customer engagements, as they execute the customer-obsessed vision defined by the leadership team. Customer obsession means constantly listening to customers, and then continuously testing, enhancing, and personalizing the customer experience. Being truly "customer-centric" translates into excelling at creating a positive customer experience at every customer touchpoint and going the distance with customer service on the follow-up.


Valued PartnershipsWe have many long-term partnerships that helped us grow over the last 100 years to become who we are today. We cannot overstate the value of all of these symbiotic relationships.


Community Immersed -  There when Life Happens means more to our firm than just establishing relationships with clients and being there to help them when they need it most. It is the cornerstone of our existence and is a belief that drives every decision. We recognize the importance of supporting our community, helping those who do good things for others, and empowering our staff to be good stewards of the community. We take a lot of pride in and responsibility for our community and seek to strengthen it through constant commitment and energy.  The non-profits we support make our community stronger, and our firm and its partners have actively given back to many deserving organizations, either directly through our participation as active member of various Boards of Directors and/or through charitable donations.

In response to the current COVID-19 Virus, our offices are currently closed. Our employees are working remotely and are available to help you.  You can call us @(609) 587-1600Click here for a directory of some of our employees.