It may sound hard to believe, but benefits providers like the Social Security Administration estimate that 30% of people will experience some length of disability over the course of their working lives. That means that about a third of us will lose our income stream for a significant period, if not permanently.

While workers compensation will help if you are injured on the job, if you become disabled from a non-work event or illness, you will be on your own until government benefits commence—and those are not guaranteed. In fact, many people who apply for Social Security disability are denied, and those who are approved often find the wait times financially crippling.

The solution is painless: disability insurance. This type of policy can sometimes be bought through the workplace, but when it’s not, or if you are self- employed, Nottingham Insurance can find you something responsive on the individual market. An individual disability insurance policy is tailored to your specific income, profession and lifestyle—there’s no cookie-cutter approach.

You can choose short-term disability, which should get you over a hump until other benefits you have begin, or you might prefer long-term disability insurance, which may have a longer waiting period but can provide income until late in life. The payments can be used for anything, not just medical costs or rehabilitation. If you are a sole proprietor or independent contractor, you may be especially interested in this product.

Enhance your emergency funds with disability insurance.

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