New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania aren’t usually the first places that come to mind when one thinks of earthquakes, but neither is Mineral, VA, and there was a sizeable earthquake there in 2011 that damaged business and shut down nuclear power facilities for an extended period.

The fact is that earthquakes can rock a business even if they aren’t catastrophic. Expensive business personal property can be damaged, sprinkler systems can be set off leading to water damage, exterior coverings such as brick and stucco can be cracked, and your business may have to shut down to repair, causing lost income. Property damage resulting from an earthquake is not covered under standard commercial property insurance. For these risks, you need earthquake insurance.

Because we reside in the East, a fairly low-risk area, earthquake insurance premiums are much lower here than along the western fault lines, so you may be surprised how affordable coverage is. Deductibles can be fairly high, but if your building requires excavation or re-facing, or you have high-end inventory or contents destroyed, you may find those deductibles a small price to pay.

Nottingham Insurance has earthquake policies, also sometimes called Difference in Conditions or DIC coverage, for businesses as well as non-profits and condominium associations.

If a bad shake could cause expensive losses at your business or complex, consider adding earthquake insurance.

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