“We’ve been working with Nottingham Insurance for almost 20 years. From the beginning Greg Blair has done a fantastic job as our insurance broker. He understands our business, gets into the details, is responsive, and always has our best interests in all his recommendations. I base all of my relationships on trust, and I can honestly say I trust Nottingham Insurance implicitly to provide Sharbell with exceptional insurance guidance and to always do what is best for our company. They not only know and understand the current marketplace, but can also help us identify trends in anticipation of future issues..

-Tom Troy, Vice President, Sharbell Building Company LLC

“VJ Scozzari & Sons Inc. have long partnered with Nottingham Insurance for our insurance needs. Jack and Greg have given us guidance and direction, keep our premiums competitive, and consistently make recommendations to help us improve our operations and protect our assets. We collectively serve on many boards together, and their philosophy of giving back to the community is similar to our own corporate culture. We not only consider them our insurance brokers of choice, but also our friends.”


-Vince and Greg Scozzari, Partners, VJ Scozzari & Sons Inc

“Jack Blair and the staff at Nottingham Insurance have been our insurance brokers since our inception. The amount of work that they do for us is second to none. They are not only our broker, but are really a true committed partner and trusted advisor. They have responded immediately to claims, even on weekends and holidays, and stand behind who they say they are. They knew us when we were a small single purpose non-profit when we had little to offer most brokers. And they have successfully grown with us, as we stand today as one of the more successful..

-Tim Doherty, Executive Director, Project Freedom Inc

“Nottingham Insurance has provided substantial leadership and trusted council to our organization for several decades. Indeed, Jack Blair has served both as our insurance partner and Board member through two generations and over 25 years – first Jack Sr. and now Jack Jr. The Hamilton Area YMCA is a not-for-profit charity that relies on altruistic community support from its local partners and businesses, and Nottingham Insurance has been a leader for our YMCA. We trust their leadership, their professionalism, their partnership and their counsel—both as our long time insurance broker as well as our Board member and partner in..

-Jim Fell, President/CEO, Hamilton Area YMCA

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